architecture, or the meaningful construction of an environment;
Hedel House, private dwelling, KESP Architectuur, Hedel (NL), 2019
Lijsterlaan Extension, private dwelling, KESP Architectuur, Rotterdam (NL), 2019
An incidental meeting of parts, master’s thesis, Wembley (UK), 2018
Castle Yard of Handzame, landscape, veldwerk architecten w/ Lilith Ronner van Hooijdonk, Handzame (BE), 2018
Play Ground Structures, workshop, Delft/Vlaardingen (NL), 2018
Re-staging Roosenberg, building analysis, Waasmunster (BE), 2017

intervention, or site-specific happenings;
Compass, performance, w/ Felix Mohr, Stuttgart (DE), 2022
Fishing Zone, installation, w/ Felix Mohr, Rotterdam (NL), 2022
Non-Extractive Mining, sculpture, w/ Felix Mohr and Constant, Bassenge (BE), 2021
Labyrinth, landscape, Esbeek (NL), 2020
Carpet of the Rock, sculpture, Viseu (PT), 2020
David’s Stone, sculpture, Kalbe (DE), 2019
Green the Sinai, visualisation, The Weather Makers B.V., Sinai (EG), 2019
The Thread, pavilion, KOSMOS Architects at Hello Wood, Csórompuszta (HU), 2016
The Drawing Hearth, drawing cabinet, Aarhus School of Architecture, Aarhus (DK), 2016

scenography, or the assembly of an experience;
2-2 Combo, installation, w/ Felix Mohr, Foundation B.a.d, Rotterdam (NL), 2022
Donny’s Throne, installation, w/ Felix Mohr, Projectruimte Attent, Rotterdam (NL), 2022
1-Stroke Sugar Motor, installation, w/ Felix Mohr and Constant, See U Brussels (BE), 2021
Shady Corners, exhibition, Nieuw en Meer, Amsterdam (NL), 2021
De Haagdijken, exhibition design, w/ Joris Klein, Breda (NL), 2019
Alternative Histories, exhibition design, veldwerk architecten, London (UK), 2019
Beyond the TU, photography, Delft (NL), 2017
Hverdag, research, Aarhus (DK), 2015
What’s He Building in There?, set design, STaG, Edinburgh Fringe, Glasgow/Edinburgh (UK), 2012