Re-staging Roosenberg

Roosenberg Abbey was built by the Dutch architect and monk Dom Hans van der Laan in 1975. It is a building designed through a carefully considered proportional system, which uses the ‘plastic number’ (4:3) in order to construct a relationship between the parts and the whole. 

In this project, the photographic fragment is explored as a way of capturing the essence of the whole. When visiting the abbey, what became apparent was the relationship between the interior and exterior world of the building. A fragment study of the entrance courtyard is investigated through photography, drawing and a 1:5 doppelgänger model.

Type: Building Analysis
Model Collaborators: Anna-Vera Solala Arvidsson, Ilianna Logotheti
Mentors: David Grandorge, Sam de Vocht
Location: Waasmunster (BE)
Year: 2017