Hedel House

Taking an ecological design approach, the compact, off-grid house is situated on the banks of the River Meuse (Maas). The house’s linear form illuminates the qualities of its surroundings; running parallel to the raised dyke. Clad with stones taken from the river and locally sourced timber, the exterior shell will develop an elegant patina over time. Construction has taken place with workers camping on-site to minimise CO2 emissions from transportation, whilst the house will run off energy harvested from solar and wind power.

Type: Residential
Architect: KESP Architecture, Rotterdam
Spatial Substantiation: Bureau Verkuylen, Den Bosch
Contractor: Mr Bouw, Amsterdam
Surface: 200m²
Constructor: Deja, Rijswijk
Location: Hedel (NL)
Year: 2016-2019
Status: Realised