An incidental meeting of parts

Architecture sometimes does not solve anything. Instead it can create an entirely new set of problems that need to be fixed. 

This thesis realises how techniques of theatre can be used to subvert developer-led public spaces designed for management. The resulting redesign of a vital public square as an ‘urban carpet’ takes its lessons from Peter Brook’s theatre. The carpet transforms the landscape of Wembley Park over 90 years by establishing an alternative phasing strategy, new standardised materials, and revised construction techniques. These methods are designed to orchestrate incidental encounters between people and place, creating a heterogeneous landscape of difference and possibility.

Follow up article published in Sophia Journal: Volume 6. More info here.

Type: Master’s Thesis
Chair: ExploreLab, TU Delft
Team: Jorge Mejia Hernandez, Mark Pimlott, Jan van de Voort, Marius Grootveld (ext.)
Location: Wembley (UK)
Year: 2017-2018
Awards: Honourable mention, Archiprix selection