The Drawing Hearth

In the Aarhus School of Architecture library, a long series of reading chambers culminates with the most basic architectural gesture; the hearth. This hearth sits within a sculpted white foam wall. The cabinet is designed to emulate a traditional fireplace, inspired by Piranesi’s drawings, instead using unconventional tactile materials that heighten the senses.

Discovery is encouraged. The mantelpiece opens to reveal the selection of curated drawings. One drawing holds pride of place; the “Drawing of the Month.” The others can be taken out, inspected and discussed. Dialogue is a central theme with and around the drawings in this space.

Read the jury’s comments here.

Type: Furniture Competition
Client: Aarhus School of Architecture
Location: Aarhus (DK)
Year: 2016
Budget: 100,000 DKK
Status: 1st Place
Jury: Mikkel Frost (CEBRA), Karen Kjaergaard, Peter Wilson (Bolles+Wilson)