Jazmin Charalambous (°1991, London) operates on the cusp of art and architecture. She crafts situations to provoke flashes of understanding between people, using analytical techniques to create site-specific works. Her practice highlights the importance of in-between places and the necessity of embracing incidents and oddities within design. Currently based in Rotterdam, she is developing works for public spaces through sculpture, landscape interventions and community action.

Selected Exhibitions

- Recycling Designpreis, group exhibition, MARTa Herford (DE)
- Compass, performance w/ Felix Mohr, Lange Nacht der Museen, Hafen Stuttgart (DE)
- Fishing Zone, solo exhibition w/ Felix Mohr, Pavilijoen aan het Water, Rotterdam (NL)
- Project O, group exhibition, Projectruimte Attent, Rotterdam (NL)
- We are all guests #8, group exhibition, Foundation B.a.d, Rotterdam (NL)
- In a World Thick with Opaque Complexities, group exhibition, Cave Collective, MAMA, Rotterdam (NL)

    - Unfolding, group exhibition, Constant, See U, Brussels (BE)
    - RAW, group exhibition, Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam (NL)
    - Shady Corners, solo exhibition, Nieuw en Meer, Amsterdam (NL)

    - Circuito de Escultura Pública da Mata do Fontelo, group exhibition,
      POLDRA – Public Sculpture Project Viseu, Viseu (PT)
    - LandArt Route, group exhibition, Natuurbegraafplaats ‘De Utrecht’, Esbeek (NL)


    - Issue #6: Visual Spaces of Change: Photographic Documentation of Environmental Transformations, Sophia Journal, Scopio Editions, Porto (PT), 2021
    - An incidental meeting of parts, ARGUS Annual 18/19, published by TU Delft, 2019
    - Anne Lacaton: Visiting Professor 2016-2017, published by TU Delft, 2018
    - Rotative Research Dialogues, online, 2018
    - The Space of Capture in “ARGUS Annual 16/17,” theory thesis, published by TU Delft, 2017

    Selected Grants, Awards and Residencies

    - Residency, Het Utopa Huis, Gorredijk (NL)
    - Residency, Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder (LKV), Trondheim (NO)
    - Winner, Auxiliary Bridge - Bilderdijkgracht, Orange Loper, Amsterdam (NL)
    - Residency, Pavilijoen aan het Water, Rotterdam (NL)

    - Residency, Down Dwars Dela, Constant, Bassenge (BE)
    - Grant, CBK Rotterdam
    - Grant, Stichting Droom en Daad
    - Residency, Nieuw en Meer, Amsterdam (NL)

    - Commission from International Open Call, POLDRA – Public Sculpture Project, Viseu (PT)
    - Residency, Künstlerstadt Kalbe, Kalbe (Milde) (DE)
    - Grant, Design Management Netwerk

    - Selection, graduation project, Archiprix NL
    - Residency, Künstlerstadt Kalbe, Kalbe (Milde) (DE)
    - Hono
    urable Mention, graduation project, TU Delft Board of Examiners


    2016-18 MSc. Architecture, Urbanism, and Building Sciences, cum laude, TU Delft
    2010-13 BA. Architecture, Mackintosh School of Architecture, Glasgow School of Art
    2009-10 3D Design Foundation Diploma, distinction, Kingston University


    2019-21 KESP Architectuur, Rotterdam
    2018-19 veldwerk architecten, Ghent
    2014-15 Omer Arbel Office, Vancouver
    2013-14 vPPR Architects, London
    2010 Heatherwick Studio, Internship, London