The Thread

The Thread is a work that questions the definition of a wall. The 9-metre high timber structure transforms the wall typology into a commons. It was conceived in relation to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs; the construction sequence would mimic each need on a daily basis, as a shelter, a make-shift bar, or presentation room. The result is a new kind of wall to question physical borders, creating a space which provides shelter as well as unity.

Read the Arch Daily article about the project here.

Type: Installation
Architect: KOSMOS Architects
Team: Jazmin Charalambous, Esther Ellingsen, Aleksandra Liszewska, Niklas Niemeyer, Martyna Rajewska, Patryk Slusarski, Martin Spalek, Willie Vogel
Location: Hello Wood, Csórompuszta (HU)
Year: 2016